Alexandra + Raducu – Embraced Moments

I was super excited when Alexandra called me, we haven’t had a wedding in Moldova for some time. Such wedding is always welcomed, as we see it like a mini adventurous trip 🙂

When the bride was getting ready for the big day, the atmosphere was great! We had milkshakes, cocktails, champagne and many many girls around, busy here an there, that created us so many opportunities for great photos! (you can see them below in the slideshow)

Our bride and groom had a catholic ceremony, which I really like, for that particular moment when the say their vows. It’s a super emotional moment, it always makes me tear and it’s a bit uncomfortable as the tear drops blur my view finder and it blocks my sight for a short moment 😀

For the wedding day session we adventured a bit in a neighboring forest, seeking for glimpses of light that hardly made it through the thick leaves. Alexandra and Raducu were amazing to each other, they totally embraced that relaxing moment they had.

We had a good party in the evening, Tavi Colen Band opened the night singing “Numai una”, it made us shiver with his powerful voice and message! What a moment! The open bar for cocktails and shots was always busy, many people asking for drinks – that only made the atmosphere to get better and better :))

We were really happy to be with you guys in this special day, hope you had as much fun as we did!

With love,
Andra & Mihnea