If you reached this page, it means you’re ready to meet our couples! Each and every one of them is different, has a different vibe or personality. That’s what we love about our job – we get to meet so many amazing people! Cause that’s all about it – connections. With each new place that we visit, new family we meet, we learn a lot and we keep pushing our limits to find the best way to capture their moments.

We recommend you to check as many blog posts as possible and if you are curious to see more photographs from a particular wedding, you can write us and we’ll send you more information! 

Marion + Antoine – Annecy, France

January 6, 2018

  ​The greatest aspect of being a wedding photographer is entering in the middle of so many stories, universes, families. You meet 2 people that invite you in their homes, next to their parents, bro...


Florina + Vasile – RAW Living

July 20, 2017

We love photographing people. When we are not at a job, we do it anyway, all the time: at home, at the seaside, in the city, anywhere. But nothing is nicer than photographing the people that you ...


Stefi + Razvan – Iron Love

June 15, 2017

We love surprises. Or better said, the unpredictable. Each event represents for us a new story, a new universe where we step in. Once again, better said we squeeze within the intimacy of the couples,...


Ilinca + Cristi – Pescarus

January 3, 2017

The first thing that crosses my mind when I am thinking about Ilinca & Cristi is: LOVE. What's like to care for somebody? To like them a lot? Not only those people make you feel good, but they ma...


Alexandra + Raducu – Embraced Moments

November 2, 2016

I was super excited when Alexandra called me, we haven't had a wedding in Moldova for some time. Such wedding is always welcomed, as we see it like a mini adventurous trip :) When the bride was ...


Oana + Tavi – Inside Beauty

October 26, 2016

 What is inner beauty and how does it look like? After a while I have reached the conclusion that in order to have positive experiences in our life we have teach ourselves to see just the sim...


Oana + Adi – We Love What We Have

October 7, 2016

    To be fun! - What does that mean? Or how's like simply enjoying the unexpected, how's like smiling and tasting the short but surprisingly often moments that occur?  I always wante...


Gabi + Suc – Fun at Cosoba Treehouse

July 29, 2016

Andra N, the blonde half of Wedding Details introduced us to Gabi and Suc. Along with Sorana, they are 2 cool planners and do an awesome job. Gabi & Suc - a strong combination of ...