Cristina + Paul – Reyna Events

​Finally, the moment when we share with you from the wonderful events we attended in 2017 is here! We would have loved to have some time for these blog posts earlier, but better later than never! We had a wonderful and full season, filled with intense moments, love and fun! Cannot wait to share them all with you!

At our first wedding of the season where together with Cristina and Paul. They even got themselves a cool hashtag #TooFun, inspired from their family name, Tufan. But anyway, long story short – we had a truly wonderful day with them. Cristina’s sisters offered us many entertaining moments. They were really connected and you could easily see how happy they were for their little sister.

Even though that day we were surprised by the rain here and there, we made it safely through our photo session without getting wet. The party engaged us in a lot of action! There were lots of people dancing, many of their friends had made quite a show and the music was awesome. I remember that somehow didn’t want to go home! Hope we’ll have that feeling again with them at a future event!

Lots of Hugs
Andra and Mihnea