Florina + Vasile – RAW Living

We love photographing people. When we are not at a job, we do it anyway, all the time: at home, at the seaside, in the city, anywhere. But nothing is nicer than photographing the people that you spend all your free time, your friends. We have learned to capture intimate intense moments, first, with our friends. They were the ones who lead us, without even knowing, to our path of photographing the pure human connection. It’s not just big words, that’s pure reality. Under these circumstances, what can be more alive than documenting a day of your friends’ life?

Florina and Vasile are a wild piece in our big puzzle of personalities, they are the wind and the sea. They are RAW, even if they don’t eat RAW. We are more ourselves next to them, they bring a natural and sincere input upon everything, their way of being and their opinions help everyone find their own spot. Sometimes opposite, sometimes in pure harmony. Two powerful characters who always leave a mark on other people lives. In a word, our friends. It was a pleasure catching their vibe in a natural and awesome way.
We have always liked good stories, you know, the ones that at the end keep you thinking for a couple of seconds, to realize what’s going on? That was the end of that day.

We hope you’ll keep that wild and young flavor forever!

Lots and lots of love,
Andra and Mihnea
Thanks for trusting us with this!