Gabi + Suc – Fun at Cosoba Treehouse

Andra N, the blonde half of Wedding Details introduced us to Gabi and Suc. Along with Sorana, they are 2 cool planners and do an awesome job.

Gabi & Suc – a strong combination of smiles and good energy. Gabi was not only just fun, but she was Duracell Long Power. A master of Greek dance, she was accompanied by her good friends and colleagues from Ellas, who made a show that honestly speaking I didn’t see not even in Greece! For the first time at a wedding the traditional Romanian music was replaced completely with the Greek one. A choice at least interesting, but which brought a fine flavor to the event.

Suc was the kind of groom that I would like to be. Free spirit, living the moment and his wife and who danced like no one was watching.

All toghether, they were that couple you envy for how beautiful they are together, for the freedom they have in their life. Even if they already have a baby, they seem to never forget to live their life, Gabi danced non stop, almost with everybody and even with the rock star of their band, the guitar player Vladimir Pocorski….which by the way we liked a looot! Also, the atmosphere was beautiful like always at Cosoba Treehouse.

Keep it going like this dudes and you’ll never grow old!

With love,
Andra & Mihnea