Oana + Adi – We Love What We Have



To be fun! – What does that mean? Or how’s like simply enjoying the unexpected, how’s like smiling and tasting the short but surprisingly often moments that occur? 

I always wanted to have the strength of being positive, to smile in any circumstance. I don’t know exactly where I stand regarding this, I’m still trying my best 🙂 but when I met Oana and Adi I realized that the moments when you just enjoy your lovely other half should be more often than we think so! That’s what gives you the strength!

That’s the conclusion that I drew in Oana and Adi’s wedding day. 2 people that knows how to show their affections through smiles, glances, frequent and strong hugs. A day when we laughed and we cried and we laughed again. 

Our second experience with Oana and Adi was in Bruges. A photo session that turned into a two days mini vacation. Hometown of Chocolate, the city where we fell in love with the best waffle in the world! The vibe of this city was on their heart. I am sure you already know what happened: a full day of sneaking the streets, finding cool places, shadows of lights. Bruges offered us a wonderful day! 

Even if we have almost lost Andra in Santa’s store (in the middle of summer!!!:)) we got her back in time for a bike ride, that we strongly recommend. 

Oana, Adi – you’ve been amazing! We are happy that people like you exist, people who remind us how lucky we are having this job!

Love looooove,
Andra and Mihnea