Oana + Tavi – Inside Beauty

 What is inner beauty and how does it look like?

After a while I have reached the conclusion that in order to have positive experiences in our life we have teach ourselves to see just the simple things in life and their happy moments. Try to ignore anything else.

I have seen such beauty in Oana, simple and deep, very energetic in the same time. It was like trying to catch a butterfly on a pathway, in that green of May. That’s how her vibe and laughter were felt like.

Along with her, was Tavi. Her soulmate. The main reason she was laughing. These 2 people knew how to live their moments and to smile to each other for the entire day. Excepting the photographs, living those moments at their highest intensity it’s the only way to keep that day alive forever. Most of you don’t remember everything from that day because you don’ concentrate only on the feelings and the planning stuff come in between. But I think they do remember 🙂

For us, a day with you got us closer to our Nirvana.

Thank you!

Andra & Mihnea