Roxana + Cosmin – Greenery Wedding

From one season to another, each of them have their own beauty. We love them all, cause they bring diversity and I think you already now that we appreciate diversity – anywhere, anytime. This way we don’t have time to get bored 😀

The beginning of summer caught us with two lovebirds, Roxana and Cosmin. They had a spectacular event – great planning from our friends from Wedding Details and awesome music, our favorite band, Prestige Orchestra. Having help with planning was the right choice to do, especially when we are talking about these talented girls, cause they bring peace in our brides heart – and that’s not an easy thing to do in a wedding day. Even though Andra knew Roxana from high school, she discovered her in a different way now, along the love of her life. They are two amazing people, we were on the same path with them since day 1 and we have had some interactions with them since then And we enjoyed them all!

First time we met, January 3rd 2017, remembering it like it was yesterday. We were in Bucharest, enjoying an incredible warm day. We had a small photo shooting with them, for their Save the Date cards. We are always happy whenever we have a before wedding session. This way we get to know each other and this really helps. The wedding day comes with so much pressure and this way we are sure we’re not adding anything extra. But they got simply natural in front of the camera and after 2 minutes we felt like we weren’t even there.

Wedding day was full of emotions. Big family, lots of kids, high expectations! I thing everybody felt nice in that sunny day of June. We saw them simply happy. They were waiting with a lot of excitement to have their first look and Roxana felt relieved after she saw him. It was the only thing she needed. They prepared letters to each other and read them together, in a private moment and I think it totally made their day!

Our experience continued on foreign territories. We met in Italy in a mad race to find and follow the sun. From Torino down to San Remo, we breath all that Italian flavor and had some incredible shots, between mountains, palm trees and sea.

We hope you’ll like their photographs and be at least equally happy as they are!

We miss you guys!
Andra and Mihnea