Stefi + Razvan – Iron Love

We love surprises. Or better said, the unpredictable. Each event represents for us a new story, a new universe where we step in. Once again, better said we squeeze within the intimacy of the couples, their families, total strangers that watch us doing our job, even though we’re trying to be as undercover as possible. We are next to them step by step and we try to make ourselves part of their family for one day, to understand them, their reactions, to be able to anticipate anything that might happen, to see the next move while being in the right spot, the right angle.

Honestly, even though we have been knowing Stefi and IronMan for some time already, we thought we knew them pretty well. We managed to discover some new sides of their personalities, totally unexpected and wonderful. This wedding showed as a super relaxed and excited blue eyed blonde woman, enjoying a wonderful day of May and on the other side, Razvan proved that the same strength and determination can take him on the peak of fun and pure happiness.

I wish that all women in the world to be looked at as this guys was looking at his wife and I wish that all girls could feel that all they need is a man to hold his hand and feel invincible, just as we think it happened in their case.

Darlings, tons of congrats for this fucking wonderful day, a day we cried and laughed and thank you for the great party we have been part of. You guys are totally awesome!

Cannot wait for the next photo session next to you!

Thanks for trusting us with this!

Yours forever,
Andra and Mihnea