Alina + Emanuel


Nothing compares with cold. As our crippled president was saying “Winter is not same thing as summer” :)) (old Romanian saying) Especially for those who doesn’t bear cold.

I have been thinking about a session in snow since 2 years ago, just that our beloved Mother Nature didn’t help us much. We only had a snow, then frost and that was it. Only one per winter.

We had a lot of fun in the first 25 minutes :)) as we were climbing those hills, twice (we were just like Tom&Jerry in the episodes where they were running down on slopes). Once we stopped running, cold pounced on us like sea cold currents in Constanta, in March. We had a short intention to go further, like 200m, but our dear Alina said: “No more”. To be honest, there weren’t many things to do, as sun was also going down by the hill.

As a short hashtaged brief of our day, we have the following: #strong #short #cold #frost #mixedfeelings (sweat and freezing bodies)

With love,

Alina & Emanuel – Happy First Anniversary

Nu cred ca am foarte multe cuvinte sa ii descriu pe Alina si pe Emanuel, insa pot spune despre ei ca sunt un cuplu energic, pozitiv si plin de tot ce ai nevoie pentru o zi frumoasa. Nu va mai povestesc cat de tare ne-am distrat, va las pe voi sa vedeti. Tot ce pot sa va zic este ca au ajuns acasa uzi leoarca la picioare, pe o temperatura nu tocmai ridicata. Ati fost super cool!