Andreea, Andrei & kids

I remember Andreea ever since I was a little girl. She was a simple girl, always smiling and with great energy. We have shared many play-dates in our childhood and at some point, that tiny 4 years age difference started to add some distance between us. Our focused changed. I believe everyone has that special friend with whom one can “restore” a friendship from that last moment you met him/her. This applies to us for sure. We don’t speak too often, but when we do, it’s a never-ending conversation that makes us happy. We still share same values and life perspective.

Times passed by and now she has a beautiful family that I got to meet pretty close. I have spent a Sunday morning with the whole gang, capturing them in their intimacy, creating some priceless memories for one day in the future when they’ll want to look back to the summer of 2018.

I believe this type of moments with your children are incredibly important. I love doing this type of photography because it’s the most sincere you can do. It’s raw and I take time to make it comfortable and honest for everyone. So happy I could do this with you guys!