Andreea + Bogdan – Different love

Even though I have lived in Iasi a big part of my life, in this autumn I had my first wedding there. I was really happy when I heard the location, I was sure the location will be awesome, as I knew the town so well. I can also tell you that it was the wedding that started the earliest ever, at 7 AM! :)) 

My feelings and the vibe were really cool,  but stronger than Rom (The chocolate) was the moment in church where Andreea made all of us tear, her words were so tender, whispered – the next second my viewfinder was blurred, also from some tears….

Our after session was half funny half painful :)) or this is what Andreea said (seems that the metal you see below it’s not that comfortable to sit on). We enjoyed a classical autumn, with little wind, some raindrops now and then, but I think we did it great.

In this post you’ll see 90% of the photographs contains just smiles and I think this says a lot about how it was.

I am happy that I had the opportunity to shoot Andreea and Bogdan​, in my soul city.

My dears, you were awesome!