This is what they appreciate

Some would say they hate contests in photography. Some would say they love them. We go for the second choice. A contest is the best motivation to bring some guidelines in such a subjective domain. When we say discipline, we mean sit down, review your work, your evolution, try to see the woods for the trees.

Also, we believe it’s important to choose a competition that is right for you, as a photographer. To admire the work the judges do and also the previous winners because this way, being selected makes it more significant to you.

We want to give ourselves the opportunity to grow and develop our photography skills by presenting our work to a panel of judges and peers. The contests test us, challenge us and make us evaluate our photos, check which one are really valuable in time.

There are many wedding photography competitions in the world today. Now we are years away from how this market looked like only 5-6years ago in this industry. That’s really great news for our customers, the offer of good wedding photographers on the market is increasing. Therefor, these competitions will be more and more difficult, as years go by. This is what it gives even more value to these awards. For us, it’s always a good opportunity to review and analyse our work and see where we should work more!

Thanks to the these competitions and the communities that are built around them, we have met new and valuable friends and fellow photographers from around the world and this would not be possible if we weren’t involved with these contests. The fact of winning a prize does not make you a better photographer. We are all winners, as long as what we seek for is growth.

Founded in 2011, Fearless Photographers is “a professional wedding photographers’ directory of the world’s best wedding photographers for brides and grooms. Every two months, a curated competition is open for submissions from our members. Of these submissions, less than 3% are selected by a panel of curators as “Fearless Awards” – photographs that excel in redefining wedding photography. These awards are added to the photographers’ portfolio pages and are used to determine their rankings. Each curator is hand picked because of his or her photographic talent and/or knowledge of wedding photography. These internationally praised professionals are among the most respected and sought after in the wedding industry.”

“Realizing the gap in the market for a wedding portal in the UK with the very best wedding photography in the world, the site was born. WPS has become much more than it was originally intended to be, growing month after month, showcasing the very best wedding photographers and wedding photography around the world. Originally WPS was created as a UK based wedding directory but over the years has grown internationally”