Claudia + Catalin – Running in The Frozen Forest

Before telling you anything, I would like to mention that this session took place at no less than -15 degrees Celsius! Isn’t that awesome? It’s already more interesting, isn’t it? 🙂

What’s happening when is extremely cold in the forest and when the Sun barely finds you through the branches? You Run! You get your blood running and that’s what we did too, with the smile upon our faces!

Claudia and Cătălin had good energy and adventurous spirits, that’s the receipe for surviving in these conditions. We walked a bit to find the sunshines which barely reached us and we were keep thinking how Leonardo Dicaprio “survived” in The Revenant :)) We froze after 40 minutes 😀

I will let the photographs to speak for themselves, to show you how our frozen Sunday looked like.

With love,