People get married and most of time, their family grows. Some have dogs or cats but most of them will have children! We love sticking around for as many times as we can. It’s incredible for us, as documentary photographers, to see their evolution and it brings us much joy having this opportunity.

After photographing their weddings, we usually continue our endeavour shooting for them various moments: Pregnancy & Maternity Sessions, Christening, Family SessionsFirst Anniversaries and so on. It’s A LOT OF FUN, cause we already know their families and friends and we feel like going to a family reunion all the time! You can check below some of the photos that we liked and check on the blog posts galleries, to see how is our perspective on family life!



There are moments of some days that are worth revisiting. We believe that some photos should be at hand whenever we want to recharge our batteries, looking at some dear moments, with our family.
That’s why we want to share with you this amazing Slideshow, from Filip’s Christening, so you could make an idea on how yours might look like! 

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Filip Andrei

Happy Birthday

Any birthday is a good occasion to have quality time with your family, have fun, play and be nostalgic for the years passing by. Just before the party starts, you can even have 20 minutes for some family portraits (the one you always wanted) in a perfect atmosphere. 

Forget about taking pictures with your phone, having only the dad in the photos, and enjoy the party, some time well-spent with your family and let the professionals take care of your memories! Over the years, you’ll be glad with this choice. You’ll have all the best moments organised in these energetic and fun slideshows, easy to revisit anytime you miss them being so small….

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Alex 3