Gabi + Alex – Walking Through Life

I had a good start of the day at this wedding, we warmed up with a short session a day before, and we enjoyed some action on one of Cimpina’s hills, where we swum through the tall grass:))

The first thing to be remarked is the girls, the bridemaids, that were extra funny at the beginning of the day, of course this was until the curtain fell of and they decided to save to moment with some martini :)) after that they were even funnier! Order Phentermine

Gabi was very nervous at the church, you could’ve felt it miles away and she smiled the entire day, which I loved about her, it just got our day nicer.

The thing that I loved the most to Gabi and Alex was the fact that I felt them very close, very connected, they knew how to live that day, together, for themselves, which is really cool from my point of view, because there are so many people that forgets about what that day is about, and the loose it among insignificant details, instead of living the moments. Carisoprodol 350 mg

With love,