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Here you have our favorites Highlights from wedding day.

We want our viewers to dream, to be creative, we want to take them to new peaks of their feelings. We try to give them a whole experience. When we are in the story, we live it with all our senses. We hear it, we feel it, we smell it. It’s a whole much more than just images for us. You cannot save it all like this, but we can put a soundtrack on it, and share that vibe that we’ve got. We believe that sometimes, less is more. That’s why we started building up the highlights of the event. A top selection of the best moments, transferred to a beat that makes your body tremor when you see the photos. It might not have the same impact if you haven’t been part of the story, but for us, each time we review these slideshows, we get an unique feeling of emotion. Andra cries most of the times 🙂 Even now, after she saw them a couple of times. She’s so cute. We have witnessed several times our clients viewing the slideshow for the first time. It has always reminded us why we do what we do and gave us strength to keep doing it, and better if possible. There aren’t applause or standing ovation for what we do, just tears of joy from time to time.

Julia + Kai

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Laura + Warren

Cap Ferret, France

Lore + Diego

Cadiz, Spain

Marion + Antoine

Annecy, France

Anna + Reiner

Kassel, Germany

Weddings in Romania

If you reached this page, it means you’re ready to meet our couples! Each and every one of them is different, has a different vibe or personality. That’s what we love about our job – we get to meet so many amazing people! Cause that’s all about it – connections. With each new place that we visit, new family we meet, we learn a lot and we keep pushing our limits to find the best way to capture their moments. We recommend you to check as many blog posts as possible and if you are curious to see more photographs from a particular wedding, you can write us and we’ll send you more information! 

Raluca + Mircea

Hadar Chalet

Irina + Cristi


Monica + Mihai

Artist, Bucharest

Andreea + Stefan

National Military Circle, Bucharest

Oana + Vlad

Bragadiru Palace, Bucharest

Oana + Razvan

18 Lounge, Bucharest

Irina + Pranav

Crowne Plaza, Bucharest

Lacrima + Victor

Snagov, Ilfov

Stefi + Razvan

Artist, Bucharest