Iulia + Marius – Fancy Motion

What can be fancier than a session with two people that had the smile on their faces, ​in all possibility Bucharest​?​ Many other thing​s​, mainly :)) A new white ​ “easty to drive” ​Vespa, (this ​last one ​should be confirmed by Marius​:D ​). The Vespa drove them on the streets, providing some happy faces and some fun!

Iulia and Marius are 2 people taken from Italian movies, that offered us a cool session through their positiv
​ity​ and free spirit. They were absolutely radiant! Is there any other better way to have fun in a hot summer afternoon? Maybe a covered terrace that protects us from the sun, something cold in our hand, a fan steam that sprinkels sea breeze to your face. You already look at the sea through your sun glasses, sky is blue …. ​I cannot ​picture something better​!​

Iulia and Marius, you’​ve been awesome​e​, just I have imagined!