Kai + Julia – Mallorca, Spain

After a wedding in Eindhoven and a few days in Paris, we were in perfect form for a french wedding. We jumped straight into french vibe together with romance of the glory city and that gave us a lot of energy and strength. Dead sure, I have a crash for Altantic wind, especially in a sunny day when my lips dry out very quickly, also the extra jacket give me a kind of freedom hard to describe. Sometimes the road towards the ocean is the the thing to do, mostly when it’s a forest of pines to cross. Just because that, we shot a few minutes session with our tiny travel camera, you can see Geo and Razvan photo shoot here.

Warren and Laura’s wedding was something unique, of course. But what was special to us? I would say Warren joy of life would be first thing, Andra probably would say Laura’s way of style. After first french wedding shot in Annecy, we knew how french party feels and we had a sense about what is expecting us. Indeed, we were not mistakenly, we simply had the greatly party ever, in 8 years we’ve photographed around 250 weddings, but this one was absolutely ridiculous. 7 AM and people were still dancing, top one endlessly.

It’s abvious, our experience was incredible, but how about the loved ones? We came up with a strong, intense and quick way to enjoy the whole wedding day, down bellow you will find a vimeo movie. Enjoy!

We want our viewers to dream, to be creative, we want to take them to new peaks of their feelings. We try to give them a whole experience. When we are in the story, we live it with all our senses. We hear it, we feel it, we smell it. It’s a whole much more than just images for us. You cannot save it all like this, but we can put a soundtrack on it, and share that vibe that we’ve got.