Laura + Warren – Cap Ferret, France

After a wedding in Eindhoven and a few relaxing days in Paris, we were in perfect shape for a new wedding. One in the south-west of France. We jumped straight into that French vibe, inspired by the glory of the City of Love, that gave us a lot of energy and appetite for life.

Dead sure, we have a crush for the Atlantic wind, especially on sunny days, when lips dry out quickly and you need an extra jacket to get a sense of cuddle and freedom – kind of hard to describe. Driving along the ocean road is the thing to do, mostly if you discover a pine forest. Inspired by that, we shot with our travel cameras a few minutes photosession with our friends, Geo and Razvan, as you can see here. It was amazing.

Warren and Laura’s wedding was something absolutely unique, and we’ll tell you why: I would say that Warren has a particular joy of life and he likes to feel free in everything he does. Andra would probably say that Laura’s style define her so much: playful, elegant and straigh-forward. After our first French wedding, shot in Annecy, we knew how French parties are and we left there with some expectations. Well, we were not far from the truth: cause we simply had the greatest party ever, in all our 8 years we’ve been photographing wedding. This one was absolutely FUN. At 7 AM, people were still dancing and not just 5 of them.

We are so happy that we could be there with them, to witness one more couple that knows what’s important in life, who had the courage to break barriers and bring people togheter, in their own way. We bet everyone felt fantastic and that nobody will forget that day!

We want our viewers to dream, to be creative, we want to take them to new peaks of their feelings. We try to give them a whole experience. When we are in the story, we live it with all our senses. We hear it, we feel it, we smell it. It’s a whole much more than just images for us. You cannot save it all like this, but we can put a soundtrack on it, and share that vibe that we’ve got.