Frequently Asked Questions

• Why should we work with you? (1/2)

We don’t consider ourselves as simply photographers, or just another wedding providers - but friends with cameras. We know how a wedding day goes by, what kills the mood and how to get it back. We are cheerful and happy people, cool and fun, always smiling and you’ll find in us a good moral support or comfort, whenever we feel you might need it. And you might need it a lot.

Professionally speaking, our photojournalistic approach is what recommends us the most – but we know we’re not the only ones with this style. Documentary photographers, storytellers, we’re all on the same page. We know we work our asses off to get as many moments as possible, we seat, we crawl, we climb - we don’t have any limit while shooting and we stay there close to you and in the middle of the action, for the entire time.

Other than this, we take a lot of care of the editing process and all photos are edited with same attention. There aren’t any differences from the photos you see on our blog posts and the highlights that you receive from us. We love strong colours that brings joy and contrasted black and white for pure emotions.

• Why should we work with you? (2/2)

Also, we curate an amazing slideshow with the best moments of the day on the beat, on emotional or powerful songs. It really covers all your event in 80-120 photographs, edited next level. We love how your stories look like in the end!

We’ll deliver your photos fast, we hope in no more than 3 weeks from your wedding day.
All our workflow is easy, clear and we digitalized our entire administrative process. No loosing time with payments, delivery or creating your album.

One thing still remains offline – our meeting and interaction! We have to meet, connect, get to know each other as much as possible, in order to have an amazing relationship. Maybe we’ll not became “besties” – but for sure we like building long-term relationships. It’s amazing for us to attend now anniversaries of our clients’ children, to still be close to them and documents their family life afterwards…your photographers for a lifetime! It’s amazing!

• What about photos with our family and friends? Official portraits?

On the wedding day, our main focus is on the couple. But also on the “main supporting characters” of your story – parents, brother and sisters, grandparents, best friends, children, fun friends. They are all part of your special day and we try to reveal you all the “feedback” from your close ones, all their secret reactions.

We also take family/group photos - we just do not include them in our blog posts. As we said, we define our style as documentary wedding photographers, so we believe that family/group photos are a super important part of the story. And even more in destination weddings, as your guests make great efforts to be there with you. It’s important and nice for you to have them keep that memory. We will arrange a schedule in timing for taking that photos, with all the guests who wish to take part so the rest of the time is devoted solely to enjoy the wedding.

• Any tips or tricks for the wedding day?

When it comes for planning your day, we offer some suggestion on where or how a moment would look better, but we don’t interfere on tell you what to do. Our concerns are always on what we can control without being a pain in the ass. During the day, we are being proactive in taking care of the “background” of our shots, by removing some small items such as bags or bottles of water, etc. by placing them in safe places, but we are always discreet while doing this. We try to blend in as much as possible.

If we will end up working together, we prepared a LOOONG and comprehensive document with suggestions on how you can prepare your day in order to look great in photos, what decisions you should take before the event, that cover the entire day and all possible problems.

• I hate posing, I don't fell comfortable in front of the camera! What to do?

Do not worry - our style is entirely photojournalistic and casual. We LOVE capturing real emotion, and best photos come from merely letting you be you.Our idea is that you should ENJOY your wedding. We don’t like rigid poses and forced expressions. We don't tell you what happens next and please don't expect to receive many indications from us on your wedding day. The only time it would be “necessary” to pose a bit are for the portraits of the couple, and because of our way of working, we will make it super-relaxed, nothing rigid, you’ll see. We focus on having a good time and to leave the moments to flow naturally.

• We love your portfolio, how do we book you? What's next?

Click on the CONTACT tab above, fill up the form, tell us more about you, your partner and the wedding your planning - then submit your inquiry.
We'll get back to you in max 24h and the best next step is either to set up a meeting or a Skype call, to get to know each other better and see if we're a good match! We'll share with you our workflow, show some wedding albums, recommend you partners we like working with and some tips and tricks you can use now, at the beginning of your planning!
We look forward to hearing from you!

• Will you travel for our wedding ?

Currently, we are based in Bucharest, Romania and of course - we LOVE to TRAVEL - whether you are in a different city, or across the oceans, we are available for world wide travel and our bags are always packed. All travel expenses are subject to prior conversation.

• When should we expect the photos to be ready?

Starting with 2019 season we plan to deliver full wedding materials within 1-3 weeks, meanwhile our contractual deadline remains around 45-60 working days, a period that we offer with a measure of caution.
We also try to send little "sneak peek" either on the wedding day or on Monday, so you have something for your thank you cards or your Facebook wall!

• Will we have pictures with all our guests?

If you have a larger number of guests (let’s say over 60), we definitely cannot promise a photo with each guest. We are not there to do portraits all night. If you expect that better hire a photo booth or another photographer that should do only this. Most likely you hire us for our documentary style and these kind of results take a lot of time.

• How can we share our photos with our guests?

All wedding photos are delivered through a super friendly online platform and can be viewed with username and password. They can be downloaded using a 4 digits PIN and you can create a favourite list based on your e-mail address. Also, you can share all the photos with your guests by giving them the credentials.

• Why should we need two photographers?

Some would say that for small events one photographer should be enough. It can be true. The difference we noticed over the years.
We've photographed many weddings as single photographers and we were never really satisfied because we felt like there were times we had to make a choice to photograph one thing but miss something else because there was only one of us. We believe strongly in the idea that most weddings should have two photographers and the best results we can have come under this formula. You don't need 2 photographers so that one should go to the bride and the other one to the groom. The whole point is to have all moments shot from 2 different perspectives.

• Can you help us with a wedding album as well?

Yes, we offer high-quality, excellent art albums. First, we create a design based on our own standards and requirement - on which you provide your feedback. The final decision upon what photos will be included is solely yours! All this process takes place online, super easy to use.
For the exterior, you have several options to choose from including leather or linen bound. Check our ALBUM page for more details!

• Can we have a custom offer or your packages are standard?

We have different wedding packages that were built based on the most required services. Optionally, you can complete your wedding package with additional items such as extra hours, or extra albums for parents, or extra photo sessions. According to your needs, we'll make a custom offer for you!

• What kind of equipment do you use?

We use full-frame NIKON cameras, with multiple focal length 20mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm. We shoot with back-up cards and we also have a back up camera on the wedding day. We put a lot of focus on the security of our gear also on the wedding day until we get safe at home when your photos have online cloud back-up. So we are all safe!

• How do you usually dress at events?

We dress nicely and we respect the importance of the event we don’t want to look different than your guests. We’ll engage with them as well, in order to set a fun and nice mood for everybody! We strongly recommend you check with other wedding suppliers what outfit they have, so that they can blend in easily and not come in printed t-shirts or blue jeans in your photos!

We are a couple – both at work and in day to day life. This gives us a great advantage of knowing each other so well and working at a different level. Plus, for the brides that need a woman closer, you’ll have this advantage as well.

• What else do you photograph besides weddings?

We like to think we are your family photographer. Even before people get married, they contact a photographer and they stick to him/her for all important moments of their family - marriage, first child, anniversaries, etc. We feel grateful for having the chance to document your development. It's a very interesting perspective of us.
We also love to photograph headshots, environmental portraiture, documentary travel photography, festivals.
We have corporate clients for whom we shoot interior photography, work environment, we create professional images for social media and their websites or pure workplace photojournalism.
Feel free to contact us and tell us what you have in mind!