We both loved photography even before we met. This passion was our binder and it was also the connection that kept us together all the way. Photography for us it’s more than a job or a big passion. It has become our lifestyle.


Picture a boy at the beginning of everything. Picture a woman  at the first moment of the rest of her life. Picture a father passing the torch. You have to see more. You have to see through. You have to see it in a context.  This is what we are trying to do, everyday. And we work to do it better and better. We share stories through our own. We believe in people, in kindness, in humanity. We speak for happiness and hope. Mankind cannot live without all these. We are not looking for glamour, though we don’t mind it, but we are looking for natural, simple moments, moments that bring you smiles and that charge you with energy to make you a better person. We fill this up with our happiness, the love we have for each other and with the passion for what we do, everyday. Photographing. When you get the chance to meet and enter so many new universes and be in touch with so many families and stories,  you feel blessed

and honoured to have so manny lessons you can learn from. We like to look where other people aren’t looking. To capture people in their spirit and less with their masks on. We like to think that we have the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, and that just because we offer them a chance to live in posterity and we take a shot that lasts forever. That’s the beauty of what we do. A story has more than its stars, it has other people supporting it, people that are meaningful to our stars and that’s a whole another story we like to see through and explore. As a star, you think you know the story, but that’s only one side of it, and the beauty comes from finding out all other facts that happen around you, without even knowing. If you want a good story, you have to be in it. And so do we. Colors. Light. Perspective. Details. Moments. Patience. That’s how a story looks like, at least how we know it 🙂 

We had a lot of fun on our wedding day, how about you guys?




Ever since I was born, in the last day of '89's spring , I brought joy. At least that's what my mom and dad told me. And I think I kept a good job of keep doing this ever since.

That’s how I like to consider myself –  the girl who puts a smile on everyone’s face. I embrace positivism and I truly believe that happiness is inside each and all of us, we just have to bring it out and make it count. Obviously, I like to keep close to me wonderful days and moments. More precisely, I like to photograph them. Smiles, tears, hugs, kisses, holding hands. Family, friends. Along with the greatness of nature, the almighty Sun and the softness of all fluffy clouds in the world and not only. That’s who I am.

Also, I love dancing a lot , music, cats, I am passionate about interior design, pshycology and parties! Every moment for me is a full sensorial experience. I’ll tell you more about my vision when we’ll meet! 



I’ve been a photographer since I remember. It all started when I was 12. I didn’t choose photography, photography choose me. It just happened. Stories like this can be easily taken from movies. I know it’s MY story. Holding  a camera into my hands for the first time was someone else’s project.

Nowadays famous director Cornel Porumboiu saw a bunch of kids in a regular neighbourhood from my hometown. He picked one of them, gave him a film camera and a notebook, asked him to take some pictures and to write in the notebook the reason why the pictures were taken and what did he see in it. After several’ homework’, an exhibition appeared and from there – that kid’s passion.  My passion.

Now, my place is among lots of people. Even though I like to put a smile on people’s faces, I enjoy even more just observing them living that moment. This is what I love to capture the most. When I am not photographing, I like interior design, wood crafting, spending time with my pets and party hard! 


Traveling is the best teacher one can have! Language, History, Culture, People, Weddings. Well, there's also food! HaHa! All this bring perfect subjects for our documentary work.


Here you have us, working

Behind the scenes

Having fun is our special thing

Neversea, Constanta

We love festivals and their energy!