Anna + Reiner – Kassel, Germany

Who doesn’t love to travel? Especially in a small town with people who know how to appreciate life to the fullest?

You know, it’s funny that sometimes we find ourselves crying at ceremonies, without even knowing the language (100% valid in my case, cause Andra is a bit of a multilingual person and she understands some german, french and even more spanish).

The first time when it happened, to cry at a ceremony without understanding the language, it was so clear to me that we, as humans, resonate so much on emotions, on non-verbal comunication, we know how to read even minimal body movement. There may be shaking, trembling, touching, or any muscle contractions or other movements that we normally don’t engage in, but when we are photographing, all those things stand out.

Emotions are really a whole-body experience, but too often, people only focus on a single aspect. In photography everything comes together.

Maybe I’ve said it before and I will repeat myself: the best parts of the wedding day are the ceremony/the speaches and the getting ready. You can feel the emotions and the vibe in the air, I had the same feeling on our weedding so I’m convinced about this. It was a bliss to photograph Anna and Reiner. They were so involved in each other, a lovely couple, who inspired us: Reiner for his romantic side and Anna for the young and happy spirit she had.

Our experience there was incredible, but what about their loved ones? We came up with a strong, intense and quick way to enjoy the whole wedding day, so down bellow, you will find a Vimeo slideshow-movie. Enjoy!

We want our viewers to dream, to be creative, we want to take them to new peaks of their feelings. We try to give them a whole experience. When we are in the story, we live it with all our senses. We hear it, we feel it, we smell it. It’s a whole much more than just images for us. You cannot save it all like this, but we can put a soundtrack on it, and share that vibe that we’ve got.