Marion + Antoine – Annecy, France


​The greatest aspect of being a wedding photographer is entering in the middle of so many stories, universes, families. You meet 2 people that invite you in their homes, next to their parents, brothers and sisters or other relatives. Somehow, they are not bothered about your presence. They just are the same people with same reactions as if you weren’t there. Never have we thought that people changed somehow in our presence, except for the grandmas 😀 they still pay a lot of attention when they see us (that’s deep down printed in their personality).

We feel so privileged for just having this trust. It’s huge when you think about it.

When we entered Marion’s house and met her family, it was very special. They were so warm and nice and it was such a special atmosphere we have lived in their home. Given the fact that they lived in France, they had different customs for the wedding day than we were used to. More precisely, not so many at all.They were just busy getting ready in time and rehearsing the songs for the religious ceremony. With only one professional musician in family, we thought it was quite a family band, not just hobbies.

We love and cherish the ‘getting ready’ and ‘before church’ moments because it’s a burst of emotions among the people that are around. It feels that all your life you prepared for moments like this: when you are relaxed, happy, nicely dressed, with all your dear ones around. It gives us unique opportunities to analyze and then photograph all sort of human interactions, especially when you see a moment growing in intensity.

The party has shown us unity. Among all generations. Unity in music, dancing, singing. Such an amazing group of friends they had, that reminded us about ours. They were all singing and they were happy. Simple as that.

This experience has only proven us that emotions, happiness and love are an universal language that we can all speak… and even pretty damn good!

Yours forever,
Andra and Mihnea